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Benefits of Astaxanthin:

1、Is the most powerful antioxidant;2、Improve skin aging problem;3、Good for type 2 diabetes;4、Improve mental fatigue;5、Kidney transplant recipients;6、Beneficial cognitive function;7、Protect the vocal cords;8、Improve indigestion;9、Good for male infertility;10、Beneficial carpal tunnel syndrome;11、Regulate immune function;12、Enhance cardiovascular health and function;13、Regulate blood pressure;14、Promote healthy blood flow to the heart, support the body to transport nutrients and remove waste;15、Help maintain normal cholesterol levels;16、Protect LDL from oxidative stress and promote healthy arteries;17、By protecting endurance and performance;18、Supports healthy blood flow in the eye, promotes eye nutrition, and helps maintain normal eye function


Wey Choose AA Health Astaxanthin

AA Health Astaxanthin is gluten-free and non-detectable genetically modified organisms. The raw material comes from Nutrex Hawaii, the world's largest algae production company. It is extracted from the zero-polluting Hawaiian Haematococcus pluvialis. The quality is certified by the US FDA and used Made by the most advanced low-temperature extraction, the anti-oxidant effect is several times that of general synthetic synthesis.


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