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Complex B

time:2021-04-24 10:47:52

Vitamin B benefits:

1、Replenish energy;2、Improve immunity;3、to promote metabolism;4、Relieve symptoms of oral ulcers;5、Guard the nervous system;6、Decompression and anti-fatigue

Vitamin B1 protects the nerves and resists fatigue

Vitamin B2 protects the mucous membrane, the ulcer is not

Vitamin B3 participates in metabolism, better digestion

Vitamin B5 protects the skin and improves dryness

Vitamin B6 regulates mood and relieves depression

Vitamin B7 supplements nutrition, strengthens hair

Vitamin B9 maintains the heart and supplements energy

Vitamin B12 invigorates blood cells and prevents anemia

Why choose AA Health VB?

AA Health VB is gluten-free, non-GMO products, and vegan-available-products are made without animal-derived or derived ingredients. Selected organic plant vitamin B complex, with vitamin C and folic acid to help maintain the stability of the vitamin B family, making the body healthier and more energetic.


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