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Bromelain benefits:

1、Reduce inflammation and swelling to promote tissue healing;2、Helps relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatism;3、Improve immune function;4、Speed up wound healing;5、Relieve symptoms of sinusitis;6、Promote blood flow;7、Relieves indigestion and heartburn;8、Improve cell viability;9、Improve immunity;10、Relieves the discomfort caused by insect bites

Why Choose AA Health Bromelain?

AA Health Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme proposed from natural and organic pineapple juice, which can be used clinically as an anti-edema and anti-inflammatory drug. After oral administration, it can strengthen the hydrolysis of fibrin in the body, dissolve fibrin and blood clots blocked in tissues, thereby improving the local circulation of body fluids, leading to the elimination of inflammation and edema. Combined use with antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs can promote the penetration and diffusion of drugs into the lesion. Bromelain can also work with the body's own repair system to promote the body's normal healing process. It can also support the body's normal inflammatory response and normal tissue recovery and repair. It also has the potential to support the inflammatory response of human health and provide beneficial enzymes to help your tissues become healthy.


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