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Benefits of calcium:

1、Helps maintain normal development and health of bones and teeth;2、Can maintain normal coagulation function;3、Contribute to the normal contraction and neurosensitivity of muscles and heart;4、Help stabilize nerves, help fall asleep, and improve sleep quality;5、Slow bone loss;6、Regulate the permeability of cells and adjust the physique;7、Help regulate dyslipidemia;8、Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease;9、Help lose weight;10、Relieve symptoms of premenstrual discomfort;11、Prevent cramps and muscle strains;12、Reduce the incidence of diabetes;13、Effectively prevent high blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis;14、Promote the normal regulation of enzyme and hormone production;15、Promote cardiovascular health;16、Supports normal muscle use and performance;17、Help maintain healthy immune function;18、Support proper nerve conduction;19、Promote normal hormone secretion;20、Promote normal blood clotting;21、Provide nutrition for pregnant women and fetal development

Wey Choose AA Health Calcium

AA Health Calcium is calcium citrate that is not dependent on gastric acid and is more easily absorbed by the body. It not only supplements calcium, but also activates osteoblasts, promotes collagen production, increases bone density, and increases joint elasticity.

AA Health Calcium has an ultra-high absorption rate of 95%. With good orientation and fat solubility, the bioavailability is much higher than general calcium.


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