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Fish Oil

time:2021-04-24 09:50:10

Fish oil benefits:

1、Help maintain normal cholesterol levels;2、Help maintain healthy blood pressure levels;3、Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease;4、Help maintain normal triglycerides in the blood;5、Supports the relief of temporary inflammation related to the normal aging process and daily activities;6、Keep your eyes healthy and lubricated

Good for dry eye;7、Help baby's vision and hand-eye coordination;8、Improve children's attention and hyperactivity;9、Improve the memory of the elderly;10、Improve asthma symptoms and allergy risk;11、Enhance bone health;12、Prevent post-traumatic stress syndrome;13、Reduce the incidence of cancer;14、Good for depression symptoms

Prevent postpartum depression;15、Improve acne;16、Help lose weight。

Why Choose Fish Oil?

AA Health fish oil is the TG-type fish oil (Triglyceride Form) with the highest absorption rate by the human body. The absorption rate is far better than EE esterified type (Ethyl Ester Form). The concentration is as high as 80%. It does not contain cholesterol. Toxic heavy metals and known harmful substances.


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